Thursday, March 4, 2010

Here goes

So here goes... This thing seems to be getting off to a fizzle instead of the bang that it should have, but hey what the hell can you do? You have to start somewhere and if I don't ever put anything down I may never... Lets make some lemons out of lemonade shall we? This blog is going to be an investigation into the new surrounding I find myself in as well as the things that myself and my spouse have done to occupy our free time. Personally I seem to have much more free time than my female counterpart, but this is most likely owing to the fact that I have been shall we say less than employed since September 2009. Not unlike my badger friend I have been engaged in a life and death struggle against a foe that I must remain on present terms with in order to survive in this unfamiliar place. The adversary is one of immense power and infinite resources. The foe of which I speak is "The State." As I am sure many know I have been an educator, and it is not nearly as easy as one would think to be an educator and to change states in which you educate. But I digress this is merely an introduction so please forgive me for my specificity in relation to topics. Though, now that I have slipped with a possible future thread it seem that I should at least mention future topics that I would like to elaborate upon at a later date.

1. homebrewing (we recently started making our own beer 5 gal. at a time)
2. our own kinda farming
-our garden (100+ sq/ft)
-our chickens (about 2 weeks old right now!)
3. travel and sights around here
4. fishin'

and of course battles with "the state..."
none of these things are intended to be instructive in any way shape or form, just our experiences in a new place.

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