Saturday, March 13, 2010


Once the placement for the garden was set the real fun began, the digging...

Fortunately I had just cleared the area for the chicken run and coup so I was in the digging mood so to speak. First I cleared the grass and filled in an area next to the garden to hopefully divert the water that had been running down that side of the property and through the area for the garden and coup. I added a drainage ditch as well.

Next the 2”x12” sides went in the ground. The idea behind this was again to increase the barriers to a river running through the garden and chickens as well as barriers to pests that could potentially eat our forthcoming goodies.

With the raised planter bed of the garden now lag bolted together the only things left to do before the plants go in the ground and start growing us food is to wait for the winter to leave us (we have still been getting some freezing nights), fill in the raised bed with good fill dirt (Craigslist, is helpful, but when it is raining people don’t advertise free dirt really, maybe I should search for free mud…), and start the seeds indoors until they can be transplanted.
View looking north of our yard. Drainage rock and chicken run on far left, small compost area next to it. Garden shed where our lawn mower and yard tools live, crappy left over lawn furniture to the right of that and finally the garden on the far right.

found many a thing while i dug up and aerated the soil of the garden, rocks, glass, marbles, a box cutter and this little gem. Why is mickey only wearing tighty whities?

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