Friday, March 12, 2010

All Tied Up This Week

As some already know my wife has a very interesting job. One day she is building a giant 7’ dinosaur topiary and a week or two later she is building a ship. She has put beds on walls and cut room for shelves, or helped true outdoor plants thrive in an indoor consumer setting. Suspending things from the ceiling? No problem, even though the ceiling is 25 feet from the floor. She works hard building things that people take for granted as they shop and are convinced through presentation that they need to purchase. She is not nearly honored enough for her creativity, skill and dedication to her work. It is these reasons and many more that inspire me to help her in any way or shape possible. I actually have come to enjoy going shopping with her on occasion to Home Depot, thrift stores or various other places. The opportunities I have however are few and far between that I actually get to take some part of her workload on and make her job easier. So, imagine my joy when she came to me and asked me to make something for her displays… go ahead imagine it. The pictures and video should be fairly self-explanatory… Who says captains class teaches you nothing? or is it… Who says you can’t teach yourself anything in captains class? Either or. Enjoy!

Ok, so I was informed that this apparently took way too long to tie... Sorry if it bores you. But hey, I was pretty proud of it...

...and now we are entirely out of rope at our house.

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